Wet Lips Peptide Balm

Friends, as you already know, last Friday we began to reveal to you on social networks that a launch was coming with a very delicious campaign. And in a few minutes madness broke out. “Let it be a lip balm, let it be a lip balm!!!” was the most repeated phrase in comments. And you know us soooo well... After so much hype, finally yesterday (January 23) we launched one of the most anticipated products: Wet Lips Peptide Balm is a spectacular three-in-one: a most hydrating and repairing lip balm , a lip gloss for its “high shine” effect and a lip oil , for its zero-sticky texture. And literally, in one day, you have DESTROYED.

The lip balm that has it all

The 2000s gave us iconic trends that have returned to our lives today. The low-rise jeans, bright prints and Paris Hilton's lip gloss hit very hard. Twenty years later, the glossy lipstick fever has returned, but we are more demanding with its formulation, its effect and its texture.

Wet Lips Peptide Balm by facegloss is a lip balm like no other, as it combines the benefits of a lip balm with the effects of a lip gloss and the texture of a lip oil. Its main function is to deeply hydrate dry and chapped lips, combining the power of shea butter with olive oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil for deep hydration. But also, this super formula contains a star ingredient: Tripeptide-32, a peptide that has the ability to plump lips, making them look smoother and juicier. In the long term, you will feel its volumizing effect as if it were a lip plumper, but without its unpleasant itching. We love!!!

On the other hand, its finish on the lips is "high shine", with a wet effect, super glossy and flattering. But, as if that were not enough, its texture is oily, fluid, light, pleasant and ZERO STICKY!!!

“Our idea is that Wet Lips Peptide Balm becomes a hero product, since it is a very complete product that is considered skincare, but also makeup. At the end of the day, that is our philosophy: Skincare is also fun... It's trying, it's playing... And in Wet lips we find the synergy between both worlds, that of skin care with the universe of makeup. And of course, we don't rule out making limited edition flavors and tinted lip balms later!!!” says our CEO, Anna Arbós ( @glowbyanna _).

A lip balm with natural ingredients and irresistible flavors

Wet Lips Peptide Balm is available in three delicious flavors:

- GLAZED CAKE , a spongy vanilla cake.

- STRAWBERRY ON TOP , the juiciest strawberry.

- GLOSSY APPLE , crunchy caramelized apple.

In addition, each of them contains an ingredient that gives it its flavor naturally:

- Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract: Vanilla fruit extract, in addition to providing the sweet flavor to the formula, has antioxidant properties.

- Apple Fruit Oil: Apple oil is a source of polyphenolic antioxidants so it protects the lips while adding flavor.

- Raspberry Fruit Extract: Raspberry extract contains a blend of antioxidants, including ascorbic acid (vitamin C), beta-carotene, quercetin and vitamin E.

Effects and results of Wet Lips Peptide Balm

Like all our products, Wet lips will give you short-term and long-term results. Its immediate effect is direct hydration and repair, while in the long term it plumps, plumps the lips and smoothes wrinkles (thanks to Tripeptide), making them look thicker, juicy, young and appetizing. In short, a fun, delicious and very effective product that we know you are already making it become an icon of the brand!!!

Friends, you are going to love its three versions (vanilla, strawberry and caramelized apple). In the office the votes are very close. What is your fav???? If you can't decide and you love them all, remember that you can get all three flavors in the same set at a better price :)


Cris Frigola <3