Go to the office without makeup? “Morning glory”, baby.

We know, despite our pretty face, factors such as looking pale in winter, feeling that our dark circles look darker, or living with the occasional blemish or pimple, can make our conceited streak force us to put on makeup every morning to go. to work. And it's great, we love makeup!!!! But if what you want is not to use it every day and go out feeling the freshness of your skincare routine and nothing else, you should know that there are little tricks that you can follow and that, if you are constant, it can be done!!!

Morning glory: the essential set

Friend, let's talk about this wonder. Morning Glory is the perfect combo for your daytime routine. You must keep in mind that the skin protects itself during the day, so you need super antioxidant products that at the same time illuminate the complexion, improve the appearance of blemishes and protect it from free radicals. As you well know, Morning Glory is made up of two great products from your skincare routine that together are glow personified.

On the one hand, Superglow Serum combines vitamins C and E with hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights and two different types of peptides to, in addition to protecting it, improve the appearance of spots and leave the skin juicy and very glowy. It's the light boost you need, so say goodbye to dull skin.

On the other hand, our eye contour The bright Eye Cream SPF15 combines the power of Niacinamide, caffeine, Resveratrol and Squalane. The super antioxidant power of resveratrol and niacinamide protect the eye area (considered the most delicate area of ​​the face) while caffeine will reduce inflammation of your dark circles. And forget about that unpleasant lilac color of your dark circles!!! You will love its “flash effect” due to its pearly peach tone, which neutralizes the color and illuminates the area, giving the sensation of an awake look. And don't forget that it contains SPF15, so it gives that extra protection to the eye contour area. Wonderful!!!

Good face effect: step by step

Although in this post we focus on this combo that will change your skin in the short/medium term and that also gives you an immediate effect of a spectacularly good face, promise us that you will follow your entire morning skincare routine to get the most out of it!!! Remember that after cleansing and on dry skin, you should ALWAYS apply your toner . This prepares your face to receive all the products that we are going to apply later, so it is essential!

Now you can apply your Superglow Serum . Tip: apply it to skin that is slightly moistened by the toner, so it will penetrate better! Massage it on your face and neck (and while you're at it, take the opportunity to smell it my friend, it's a real treat) and avoid the area around the eyes. Boom!!!!!!! Do you already notice the glow???

Next, apply The Bright Eye Cream to the eye contour area, massaging with your ring finger. You will see that its peach tone will cover the lilac tone of your dark circles, so in addition to taking care of the area and giving it shine, it will serve as fake makeup. The result is an incredible awake and rested look effect!!!

Finally, after applying your moisturizer , always (I REPEAT, always!!!!!) apply your favorite sunscreen. Don't skimp! Apply enough product all over your face and neck to be well protected :)

Right now, if you have followed our advice, all you need to do is use an eyelash curler, a touch of mascara and the best lip balm in the world . Perfect! You are now ready to have your make up no make up complimented.

You are welcome!!!!