The best Azelaic in the world

After the resounding success with the launch of Wet Lips Peptide Balm last January, - described by Vogue as “The peptide lip balm that swept its first day on sale” - facegloss is already revolutionizing our nighttime routine with the new Ultrablur serum , a product composed mainly of Azelaic Acid that treats imperfections and improves skin texture like no other.

Anna's followers had been asking her for it for a long time, as much as a lip balm or even more . That, added to the fact that it is her favorite ingredient, has made our founder create - and we say this without a doubt - the best azelaic serum in the world. And the star component of the new Ultrablur Serum , the acclaimed super-ingredient of a thousand faces, is capable of treating an infinite number of our skin problems. Azelaic Acid has depigmenting, soothing power and incredibly reduces redness. In addition, it is capable of reducing marks and imperfections on the face and refining the complexion. The key is that, depending on the ingredients with which you combine it, you can enhance some properties or others.

In the case of the new Ultrablur Serum, what makes it unique is that we have combined the power of Azelaic Acid with a series of ingredients that, together, manage to enhance the fight against imperfections, while significantly refining and softening the roughness of the skin. the skin:

8% Azelaic Acid

1% Salicylic Acid

1% Succinic Acid

5% Niacinamide

Ultrablur Serum contains 8% Azelaic Acid, a high percentage and at the same time very perfect for use on all skin types, even sensitive skin, since among its many properties its calming power stands out. If you add 1% Salicylic Acid to this super ingredient, you get the right amount necessary to enhance the deep cleansing of the pores without risking unwanted irritation. In this way, we manage to work even more on cleaning the pore and making the skin look much cleaner and brighter. Top!!!!!!

On the other hand, it contains 1% Succinic Acid, a sebum-regulating ingredient (regulates skin oil) and antibacterial. Thanks to that plus that the so-called “anti-acne ingredient of the future” gives us, we manage to directly attack the inflammation of imperfections, specific and future outbreaks.

And of course friend, the 5% Niacinamide could not be missing. In Anna's words “5% niacinamide is the perfect amount. In this way, we improve the appearance of pores and unify skin tone. This way we get a super powerful serum with the ability to refine and smooth the face like no other. Without forgetting that the combination between Azelaic and Niacinamide will also help us with the appearance of spots.”

Despite being a product suitable and very beneficial for all skin types, Ultrablur is designed especially for skin that is considered problematic, skin prone to imperfections and, above all, textured skin. As its name suggests, Ultrablur achieves a very blurry effect by blurring everything that we don't like about our skin. “It is a product with an incredible formulation to improve the texture and roughness of the face. We have not only thought about skin with imperfections, pimples, blackheads, etc., but we have created it for skin that does not feel uniform, rough skin. So the age range is very wide.”

To this formula we have added soothing and moisturizing ingredients such as Propanediol, licorice root, Tocopherol and lotus flower extract. Thus, while we refine the complexion and treat imperfections, we are calming our skin, taking care of it and improving its barrier function. Marvelous!!!

How to use Ultrablur serum ?

This new gem joins our family of serums to occupy a super special place, since it is the brand's first serum specially designed for the night routine. And, as it contains exfoliating ingredients, we recommend using it only in your nighttime routine to get the most out of its formula. Our tip is to use it every other night, one yes, one no, always combining it with Glasskin Serum, letting Superglow take care of our skin in the mornings.

*This product is NON-COMEDOGENIC and OIL FREE, so it is specially designed for all skin types.

 *Facegloss cares about the environment throughout its value chain and is a vegan and cruelty-free brand. Our products do not contain ingredients of animal origin nor are they tested on animals.