Our packaging: the perfect balance between recyclability and aesthetics

Launching a new cosmetics brand in such a competitive market is quite a challenge. As you well know, facegloss was launched in October 2023. Six months later, we are proud to say that we have managed to get more and more of you to trust our brand. Facegloss has had an incredible reception and we can only thank you!!!!

In addition to the fact that we have always sought to create skincare products whose cosmetic quality was impeccable, we wanted to offer you products so beautiful on the outside that you would want to have them in your bathroom. And one of the things that attracts you the most is our packaging, made with recyclable materials, developed by the Quadpack company.

For facegloss, sustainability is a basic element, so we chose the materials taking into account their recyclability as well as their aesthetics. All include polypropylene terephthalate and glass.

In Anna's words: "We already have loyal customers who like our brand not only for our high-quality products but also for their aesthetics and spectacular packaging, which is also recyclable."


And we were very clear about what we wanted and Quadpack helped us from the first moment to evaluate the best options, always giving us support and offering the best quality.

If you want to know more about our packaging, you can't miss the article that Quadpack dedicated to us a few days ago!

Kissessssss and happy week,