Hello friend, welcome to facegloss!!!!!

It's happening... facegloss is now a reality.

If you know Anna, she may have become the friend you turn to when you need some skincare advice. Now, our beauty guru launches facegloss, her own cosmetic brand , with which she promises to make us all fall in love. We want you to be part of this adventure from the beginning, so friend, welcome... We are going to revolutionize the beauty sector!

Facegloss is much more than a cosmetics brand. We want your skin care routine to be part of your lifestyle; that time of day that you love and would never skip. May you learn about cosmetics until you become an expert, may you enjoy using our products and may it be the first thing you want to do in the morning.

“Just like you go shopping and dress a certain way, what do you put on your skin? What ingredients do you use? I don't understand my life without a skin care routine. And cosmetics is not something you do out of obligation. It is something that if it hooks you, you enjoy it.” explains Anna.

And that's facegloss. Understand which ingredients work best on your skin, empower yourself in making decisions about the cosmetics you consume, and make it fun. But in addition to enjoying the process and knowing what you are doing, cosmetics have to offer visible results on your skin. For facegloss, “product is king” : the quality of the ingredients and their formulas is the most important thing.

Thanks to powerful ingredients and multifunction formulas, we achieve “less is more”: fewer steps, greater efficiency . This way, we can offer you superior results without the need for a long list of products. “It's about finding the perfect balance of active ingredients to simplify your routine and, at the same time, make it more effective. And all this makes the user experience much more pleasant.” explains Anna.

In addition, our products are suitable for all skin types, but facegloss focuses on the skin concern : treating specific problems that we can all have - regardless of whether we have oily, combination or dry skin - such as blemishes, blemishes, redness, acne …It is asking yourself: “What worries me about my skin?” and use products that address a wide range of needs to get the skin you deserve.

In short, facegloss is the tireless search for excellence in everything that surrounds our brand: impeccable quality in terms of formulation , incredibly appetizing packaging and a user experience whose sensoriality will make us all fall in love. This has been Anna's goal from the beginning: to create a cosmetic brand that impacts in every way and that meets her demands. And the thing is, how can you expect less from the queen of niche cosmetics in Spain, that friend who would never recommend something that hasn't been stolen from her?
the heart?

Cristina Frigola