The journey of a skinfluencer to launching her own cosmetics brand

Do you know the story of Glow by Anna? It all started during the pandemic when Anna Arbós Simorra, its creator, decided to open an Instagram account to explain in a more professional way to her friends how to cope with the consequences that confinement was leaving on their skin and hair. What she didn't imagine was that her group of friends was going to become a community of almost 50,000 loyal followers . Three years later, she goes one step further by creating facegloss, her own cosmetics brand.

Anna Arbós Simorra has become the queen of niche cosmetics in Spain. That friend we all turn to when we need some recommendation. She began her adventure in confinement when she created Glow by Anna, an Instagram account to “bring her friends together”, advise them on how to take care of their skin, their hair and how to enter the universe of skincare in an educational way.

It was then that she saw that she could take her vocation as a beauty consultant far beyond her immediate environment. Today, Glow by Anna has already captivated almost 50 thousand followers, for whom, as she says - with the humor that characterizes her so much - she never stops creating needs. And its power of recommendation has no limits. It is not surprising that influencers like Cocó Constans or Inés Arroyo follow their skincare advice to the letter from the beginning.

Instituto de Benito x Glow by Anna

Additionally, Anna has always emphasized the importance of combining home care with professional care. Therefore, after many visits to the prestigious Benito Institute , she created three cabin facial treatments with her team of estheticians: “The Detox” (for a deep cleansing), “The Glow” (luminosity) and “The Glossy” ( firmness and sculpt the face), available in both its Madrid and Barcelona centers.

The key to your success? Connect in a charismatic and sincere way with your followers . "The cosmetics market is saturated with products, people are lost, they don't know what to choose and they like me, I explain what each thing is in an educational way, they notice that I am totally honest and they believe me." explains Anna. For this reason, she decided to create a multi-brand e-commerce to help people identify their skin type and thus choose the perfect routine. An innovative sales platform that has not stopped growing.

Say hi to facegloss. Say hi to your future skin.

Three years after starting this adventure, with a successful e-commerce and a more than consolidated relationship with her followers, the skinfluencer launches facegloss, a cosmetic brand that promises to revolutionize the world of skincare and offer products at the level of her demands. “I want you to fall in love with cosmetics thanks to facegloss. Let it be part of your lifestyle, that you enjoy it and that it is the first thing you want to do in the morning.” Anna states.

And facegloss is coming strong. Impeccable quality in terms of formulation, incredibly appealing packaging and a user experience whose sensoriality will make the public fall in love. The products that we need (and that we are going to want) in our skincare routine.

Cristina Frigola