Hi friend!!!! Today I come to solve your life a little. In case you haven't noticed, it's already Christmas. And I play a full routine because you still don't have all the gifts... But don't panic, because I'm here to help you :)

The first thing you should know is that facegloss is the perfect gift for show your products in all your photos and have them decorating the bathroom (...) In addition, it is the perfect gift for those who love glow,” says Agnes Teixidó. You are right, friend. And all this makes the brand the gift that will surely hit the mark with your mother, sister, mother-in-law, girlfriend or close friend.

SANTA'S FAVORITES: What to give for Christmas?

Let's get to the point friend, you don't have much time left. This is the selection of sets that facegloss offers you to give as gifts on these dates:

PR kit full routine: The “full routine” with facegloss toiletry bag and personalized metal gift box. The best skincare routine with the coolest packaging. What more could you ask for to make a Christmas gift?

Facegloss box: Our metal box. It's probably the cutest box in the world for you to fill with your favorite essentials!

Toiletry Bag + Box: Our stuffed toiletry bag is like a lilac cloud J. It is also super spacious and thanks to the length of the zipper, it allows you to see everything you have inside very easily. If you also put it in the best metal box and fill it with facegloss products, you have the perfect kit to impress this Christmas.

My first routine: If what you want is for that special person to get started in the world of skincare, this is the best set! In it you will find our "CLOUD FOAMING CLEANSER" cleaner and our "FEELS LIKE WATER CREAM" cream. The basis of every routine.

Full routine: Cleansing foam, balancing toner, two wonderful serums (one antioxidant, the other with niacinamide and peptides to achieve a Glass skin) and a moisturizing cream. Everything your friend needs (and will want) in her skincare routine.


Everything facegloss: This routine has it all, literally. In it you will find the full routine products as well as Sweet exfoliator and our two eye contours. A wonderful complete routine, both day and night!!! And the best thing, this set comes with our free plush toiletry bag.


Eye collection: Everything our eye contour needs. The combo of our "Bright Eye Cream SPF15" together with our "The Lift Eye Cream" illuminates, protects, repairs, decongests, hydrates and firms the delicate area around the eyes.


Treatment duo: The perfect duo of serums. The combo of our "Superglow Serum" with our "Glasskin Serum" does it all!!!!


Morning Glory: Vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid... The dose of glow and luminosity we need in the morning thanks to a combo composed of SuperGlow Serum and "Bright Eye Cream SPF15". The best to look good looking.

Pore ​​perfecting duo : The best combo of niacinamide and salicylic acid in the world. Our "Sweet Exfoliator" together with our "Glasskin Serum" will leave your bestie 's skin super smooth and free of imperfections, improve the texture of your skin, the appearance of pores, hydrate, repair, regenerate and illuminate. You will change his life!!!

Toning duo: Our "Toning duo" is the essential tonic duo in any routine. The combo of our balancing tonic "CHILL TONING MIST" with our new exfoliating toner "Sweet exfoliator" achieves softer, protected, luminous, cleaner and smoother skin.

So now you know, visit our XMAS section on the facegloss website to get the best combos at the best price. Additionally, facegloss offers free shipping on all orders (no code required) for these dates. Yasssss queen, run!!!

Merry christmas!!!